About us - Kids and KaleHi,

I’m a father to three awesome boys and married to my amazing wife Siobhan. We live in the Norfolk countryside and do what we can to give the boys a good start in life. We’re a plant based family, and plant growing obsessed, and spend as much time in the garden as we can rain or shine. We’ve chosen to home ed the boys to hopefully give them some options they might not ordinarily have, and save them from others. It’s an interesting one that we are still exploring, and thoroughly enjoying the adventure. 

I’ve got a few careers on the go, and can probably be referred to as more of a generalist, although actually I’d consider myself a specialist in multiple areas..  I’m an environmental portrait photographer by trade, and for the longest (find my photography site here), but at the same time I’m an ops director at a friends startup, we make tech for aerospace. I also have an online company specialising in natural paints which was born in part out of frustration that there was nowhere you could but proper natural and organic house and wall paint from – so took advantage of that niche.  I’ve also spent time consulting for small businesses, startups and online ventures over the years. 


Plant Based:

I’ve spent too many hours searching for info about real nutrition online to allow you to do the same. My family and I are entirely plant based for our nutrition, so I spend quite some time trying to make sure everyone is getting the right stuff, daily. To complicate things further, I try and eat a clean as I can (mostly….) so generally avoid lots of sugar, fats and oils. I try not to call it ‘vegan’ although it is of course. Vegan is also a lifestyle choice, but although that is also important to me, helping others to switch to a more predominantly plant based diet has got to be the quickest win for a healthier, happier life.

I realised I was accumulating notes and bookmarks everywhere, so thought I’d write all down in one place. This place is as easy as anywhere else!

I’ve spent years trying to find a good source of decent info to find the easiest way (and quickest way) to get the most amount of plant based nutrition in the least amount of time. I decided to make a list of resources and info from my own research and keep it all in one place, rather than searching for the same stuff year on year as my brain forgets..

It’s the least I can do to help give my kids the best start in life with their nutrition, even though sometimes it does seem like the only thing they want to eat is pasta and beans. I’m just trying to get as much plant based nutrition as easily as possible, and that only comes from research and watching what you eat. I’ve become a bit obsessed over the years, and I’m not going to feel bad about that.


Plant Growing:

As I talk about in a bit more depth here: “Why I’m so obsessed with creating a jungle in my own garden…

I’m pretty obsessed with growing exotic and tropical plants from my garden and polytunnel here in Norfolk, which all stems from my inspiration from the last Will Giles. It’s all his fault basically. Getting into gardening and botany has given me something else to enjoy with the kids too, and they seem to get a lot of enjoyment out of it, and it’s great that it’s something we can share through the seasons. 


Growing humans:

I really hate writing about myself, and not a massive fan of publicly talking about anything family related. I’m not sure why I’m here, or what I’m doing so you’ll have to bear with me. I think I might be doing it as it’s something I need to work on, a baptism of fire almost. 95% of my writing is still sitting in ‘draft’ whilst I pluck up the confidence to publish.  It really doesn’t come naturally. I’m not just saying that for the sake of it, it genuinely makes me feel a little bit sicky having any of this public. It’s hard writing about the way things make you feel, especially when you have a stunted vocabulary due to not paying attention at school, and having stunted emotional capacity on top.   

I think I might be doing it as I feel that more people should share, especially men when it comes to things like birth, parenting, family life and the complicated decisions we have to make. I think that supporting birth, and talking about it could be helpful, so even if one person benefits from it in some small way, it’ll be worth it. 

You made it down here, so thank you x

I’d love to hear from you, just leave me a comment or send me an email!