Using the humble Hosta to create the lush look of the tropics

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Hosta Sum & Substance A little information about the humble Hosta Named after Dr. Nicholaus Host, physician to the emperor of Austria (1761–1834). Countless hybrids have been raised, mainly in the United States in recent years.  They are all clump forming and can become quite large with time, hence need to be divided every 3-5 years once established. [...]

Two easy to grow plants to give you attractive flowers in late Autumn

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Viburnum tinus Eve Price If you are looking for something that will flower in late Autumn, perhaps think about planting the shrubby Viburnum tinus for height and the herbaceous Liriope muscari for the shady base. Hailing from the Mediterranean region, Viburnum tinus grows well in or temperate climate and is a very popular winter flowering shrub, particularly as [...]

Why I’m so obsessed with creating a jungle in my own garden…

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Getting ready to wrap the bananas (Musa basjoo) last November, with my head groundsman. As soon as we moved to a house that had more than three square feet of garden space the kids loved getting involved. We’re fortunate now to have a decent sized outdoor space in which to dig and grow stuff. Like all parents, I [...]