Packed nutrition in a very drinkable green smoothie. Approved by my own kids! 

Yep. You know it’s true and it’s my tried and tested long term solution. Works for me, and the kids drink them without any fuss whatsoever, and you’ll be amazed what you can get in there.

My standard ingredients for a kid friendly smoothie are as follows, this fits a standard sized nutribullet style cup/jug thing.

Kid Friendly Green Smoothie Recipe

  • 2-3 x blocks of frozen spinach
  • quarter cup of frozen strawberries
  • quarter cup of frozen blueberries
  • 1/4th of a frozen avocado
  • half a handful of frozen kale
  • Squirt of Algae Oil Omega-3 with DHA & EPA
  • Topped up to the line with apple juice.

Lots of greenery, yep, but blended with apple juice for sweetness and blueberries for colour – this is a winner.

The avocado was the best addition (I didn’t know this for ages!) for a better mouthfeel, and also it doesn’t split as quickly (just like supermarket smoothies hold for ages)

The avocado is the most important thing, it holds everything together. Try making it with and without the Avo, you’ll soon see what I mean. Magic.

I used to have frozen banana in there, but it just got a bit thick. The kids prefer the taste without banana anyway. The apple juice and avocado mask any flavour from the algae oils, you can barely taste it at all.

Generally I’ll put all bar the blueberries in a dish and give them a quick blast in the microwave for 30 seconds or so so they are not quite so solid, otherwise the whole smoothie becomes frozen and a pain to blend / drink. Adjust this to your liking!

This smoothie ticks all the main boxes, kale for Cruciferous veg, spinach for standard high iron and calcium greens, algae oils for DHA/EPA, blueberries for the antioxidants, strawberries for antioxidants and taste, and avocado has an AMAZING array of minerals and vitamins all packed into a tiny space. If you can get away with it, addition of a tablespoon of ground organic golden linseed / flax would make it perfect. Sometimes I can get away with it.


My own green smoothie recipe…

My own version of the daily smoothie is a bit different, I generally go for a little less spinach and much more kale, and I generally only put one or two strawberries in but keep the standard amount blueberries and about quarter to half an avocado.