If you’re trying to get the most nutrition for you kids or your family with as little effort as possible,  just gravitate towards the nuts and seeds with the most iron in. That way when you’re in the supermarket with an array of choice in front of you, it might save you some time deciding. Pumpkin seeds are cheap and easy, I like to quickly toast them off in a dry pan over a medium heat whilst cooking some pasta for a nutty crunchy addition to a same-same soft pasta. Walnuts are a winner too.. great brain food!

Food Iron mg per 100g
Sesame 14.6
Poppy 9.8
Pumpkin Seeds 8.8
Chia 7.7
Cashews (dry roasted) 6.7
Linseed 5.73
Pine nuts 5.5
Sunflower 5.3
Hazelnuts 4.7
Pistachio 4
Peanut 4
Almonds 3.7
Macadamia 3.7
Walnut 2.9
Chickpeas 2.8
Apricots 2.7
Brazil 2.4
Raisins 1.9
Prunes 1.9
Chestnuts 1.7