So we were given a bread maker a couple of years ago, and it has been well worth it – I should have bought one for myself years before!

This bakes on the ‘medium size loaf’ for 1hr 55mins. Easy!

My Standard Daily Loaf. Plant Based & Vegan

  • 350g multi seeded white flour (this one is from waitrose in a red packet – it has LOADS of seeds it)
  • 150g of milled golden linseed (I mill my own in the nutribullet)
  • 10g Yeast
  • 350ml water
  • Sometimes add another 50g or so of seeds (pumpkin give max iron!)

What I love about it is that in the time I click the kettle on for a cup of tea I can have my breadmaker up and running in that time. Barely a single minute is all it takes to make you’re own bread. I love that you just know EXACTLY what’s in your daily bread, no preservatives or added stuff that you just don’t need.

All the bread recipes out there will tell you to add a bit of fat/oil and then a bit of salt, for many reasons (taste, texture, rise etc) but having made bread without it for the last 2 years I can tell you it’s just not needed for a basic loaf for max nutrition and zero added additives.

I’ve slimmed a basic bread recipe I found to be just 500g flour, 10g yeast and 350 ml water. That’s it.

I then started experimenting putting in extras to make the nutritional content better, as white flour doesn’t have a lot going on as standard.

I quickly switched to a white seeded flour from a standard white, and then switched again to a split of 350g seeded white and 150g wholewheat. I did make a few 100% wholewheat loaves, but the seeded white 350g + 150g wholewheat made for a better loaf, and a bit less dense.

Once I moved to splitting the white seeded with wholewheat, I tried a few variations and settled on this as my final recipe that I’ve been making now for 2 years or so!

I’ve also made a fruit bread version of this, something like 100g milled golden linseed, 150 dried fruit and seeds, 300g white seeded flour, and as much cinnamon as you like! We put loads in. Sometimes add chopped dates, or the dried date pieces from the supermarket for a bit of sweetness (or even a good squirt of date syrup, which is generally my choice for sweetner if I can’t put real dates in.